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CNC-Fertigung bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik

CNC Production

At the our company location in Kaarst, we manufacture using state-of-the-art single-spindle machines for single and small series. Larger quantities are produced on efficient multi-spindle machines.

Schlauchmontage bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Hose assembly

Every day, we manufacture several hundred oxy-fuel and industrial hoses in accordance with the current standards and specifications given by our customers.

Kabelmontage bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Cable assembly

By expanding the hose assembly, we are able to offer individual cable assembly for assemblies.

Sonderfertigungen von Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Special-purpose production

An important and daily part of our work is the development and manufacture of special parts in close cooperation with our customers.

Belabelung bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik


On request, we are able deliver your goods in outer packaging labeled according your own specifications.

Jahresbevoratung durch Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Annual preparation

We often work with fixed annual call-offs in order to be able to guarantee immediate delivery and stable prices for this period.

Direktlieferung bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Direct delivery

At your request, we will send products directly to your customer in a neutral manner.

Löterei bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik


Thanks to the large number of products available, our trained specialist staff can reliably solder, sandblast and pressure test almost any connection required within a very short time.

Brennerreparatur durch Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Burner repair

Our certified employees check and repair used burners at a reasonable cost.

Baugruppenmontage durch Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Module assembly

Upon request, you will receive the complete assembly of the required parts from us.

Beschriftung bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik


Products can be lasered, etched or embossed according to your specifications.

Auf Wunsch können die Artikel nach Ihren Vorgaben gelasert, geätzt oder geprägt werden.

Pressure test

We can perform pressure tests on site up to a maximum of 1,000 bar with the according certifications.

Sonderbeschaffung durch Rinnert Schweisstechnik

Special procurement

Every day we procure a large number of products for our customers which are not listed in our catalog due to their size. We look forward to your inquiry.

Schnelle Reaktionszeit bei Rinnert Schweisstechnik


As a family-run company, we can respond to any request with extremely short decision-making paths and are available to our customers at management level at any time.


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